Monday, December 29, 2008

My first blog entry.... What to say? Well in closing a year, I would like to say thank you to all the folks who have supported my business this year. I am in my 4th year of full time business of Gone Home and there are so many angels that have supported me in this business. First, my husband, Jim, who puts up with the work spread out all over the house. He doesn't love it, but has come to appreciate that it is just how I work. He also takes care of the kids on the weekends that I am doing shows, which means that from October through December he is Mr. Mom and does it very well. And I want to thank my boys. Owen is 14 and does a great deal of my packaging and is called upon to cut and prep wire for the twisting. He is also a reliable break down guy to the Banditas at shows, although he seems to disappear when time to help mom. Hmmmm... And little Elliot who is 6 has been a great cheerleader and refers to my shows as going to my"big white tent."

I also want to thank my extended family for their support, attending shows, oohing and ahing appropriately and proving that they aren't just being nice when they say they like my products by purchasing my stuff, giving the greatest of compliments.

I also want to thank the familia - the Banditas for your unending inspiration and support. Thanks for being my co-workers, my sisters, my BABEs. I am so proud to be in your club. More on the Banditas in later entries.

I also want to thank John McNulty of the Tucson Museum of Art and Tana Kelch of Bohemia for being incredible local supporters of handmade artisans.

I also want to thank my customers who surprise me constantly with great stories about my items in use, the delight they received from giving them as a gift, or how pleased they are to see something new. Thank you for your continued patronage and for supporting local, handmade art.

And last and greatest; to my mom. My mom and I talk every day. She knows more about the day to day goings on in my business than anyone else and she is always there with a suggestion or an "atta girl." Before mom got sick, she was also the one picking up Elliot on days I set up for my shows, and even helped set up on occasion. She was always good for pulling a shift at my booth so that I could get a break and go out and visit or shop. She doesn't hide her pride and often embarrasses me with her gushing, but I don't know what I would do without her.

Coming up on Gone Home: Closing a year also means for me looking at what went right, wrong, and in between.